Bianca Baldi & Ani Schulze
11 Settembre — 11 Novembre 2014

Poltroneria is a collaborative exhibition by Bianca Baldi and Ani Schulze.
Poltroneria is loosely translated to sloth and listed as one of the seven deadly sins however this meaning spans many different terms giving it various nuances. It could also be translated to otium, a being rather than a doing. Being is often enough. Negotium is a negation of otium- the word for shop, negozio, still is one site of trade. That is, leisure rather than work is the horizon. Glasses Half Full. This relationship to work is often expressed from an opposite standpoint where work is the horizon instead. Ants are said to die of exhaustion, while the sloth spends up to twenty hours in slumber she is often too depressed to do anything; to eat, to fuck to move down from the tree. In the exhibition, using the grammar of film the artists create a physical film, a time line based on a script which is presented in the Rivista Apparente N 8. This film script brings together fragments by; Marco Balesteros, Leda Bourgogne, Clare Butcher, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Martin Kohout, Inger Wold Lund, Aki Nagasaka, Ambra Pittoni, Andre Sousa, Andre Tavares and Pedro Bandeira with texts by Anna Goetz and Marijana Schneider. Poltroneria, fragments towards a film-script is the basis from which the artists look at the notion of ozium.

*during the opening readings by Inger Wold Lund, Ambra Pittoni

Bianca Baldi (1985 Johannesburg lives and works in Frankfurt am Main)
Ani Schulze (1982 Frankenberg lives and works in Frankfurt am Main).