Odessa Straub
15 Ottobre – 1 Dicembre 2016

The state in which you are aware of, but not looking at the room around you, taking in the sound-smell-feel-of-it builds a scaffolding on which you place objects you know to be around. Visualized known objects in an invisible primordial stew. Attention arranges objects like balls popping up out of a churning bingo cage in a rigged game.
Visual constructions pop up into queue when the objects they represent emit a noise or a feeling or a smell. The trains of thought that you follow start from your head outward to the far reaches of your senses. When pain in your foot wakes you up, the awareness of your foot comes with the the illusion that you are a head directly connected to a throbbing foot.
Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes-Hot rain on pavement. Head-Mosquito-Sheet-Window-Open Hydrant gushing. Back of the neck-Intestines-Upstairs Bowling ball hits the floor. Just a warm squishy laying there awake sucking bingo balls up into attention.

Odessa Straub (b. 1989, Brooklyn, NY) graduated with a BFA from The Cooper Union in 2013. Solo exhibitions include: Necrotizing Woos, at Jeffrey Stark, New York, NY, Seasonings on Precipice Perception, at Mier Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2015). Recent group exhibitions include: Blue Jean Baby, SEPTEMBER Gallery, Hudson, NY (2016); Present Conditional, Mier, Los Angeles, CA (2015); Perfect Present: Three Generations of Painting, Jeffrey Stark, New York, NY (2015); That’s The Neighbor, Always Dressing These Boulders In The Yard, The Suzanne Geiss Company, New York, NY (2014). She lives and works in New York City.

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acrylic, latex, wool on canvas
Coldening 2016 172 3/4 x 160 cm: acrylic, latex, wool on canvas

acrylic,plastic,fabric,rope canvas
Man Up Boy, It's Just That 152x127: acrylic,plastic,fabric,rope canvas

acrylic on panel
Gaped On The Sill 2016 101.5 x77 cm: acrylic on panel

Acrylic on paper
Shivering on a Duvet 2016 37x30,5cm: Acrylic on paper

acrylic ink dye marker fabric paper
Looks Like Leaking 2016 43x42 cm: acrylic ink dye marker fabric paper

acrylic marker pencil oil on paper
Pinky Piglet Ponder 2016 36x43 cm: acrylic marker pencil oil on paper

Acrylic, rubber, charcoal on paper
Brower Crossfired 2016 40,5x51 cm: Acrylic, rubber, charcoal on paper

ink acrylic latex marker on paper
Riff-Raff Behind the Couch 31x23 cm: ink acrylic latex marker on paper